Improving Indonesia Public Transport Service with Data Analytics Helps

There is nothing new under the sun – Ecclesiastes 1: 9

There is nothing new under the sun, the bibble shows us that in the end, everything we are facing, living, and thinking about currently exists long in the past.

As God’s creatures who are always motivated to continue to innovate and evolve for the better, mankind should study the records of events that have occurred to predict and solve problems or problems that are likely to occur again in the future.

We should do is to prepare ourselves for that future, based on our present and studying the past – Nolberto Munier

Like the problem of congestion and public transport management in cities, congestion has become commonplace in big cities in almost all countries in the world. We can easily solve these problems if we want to spend time and thought studying the same or similar cases that have happened before.

With the help of Big Data and Analytic tools we can collect and extract information more quickly and efficiently than if we do it manually, this will have an impact on the speed and accuracy of the decision-making process in various sectors of life.

There are many things that can be done by big data analysis in an effort to improve the quality performance of the public transportation sector in Indonesia, including being able to help collect data on service users in the public transportation sector such as the location of favorite destinations, the most popular destination relations, to analyzing data on peak hours and low hours of users.

All data collected by big data networks can be used further to make decisions that are more efficient and effective and can provide benefits for various parties. Both customers, stakeholders to public transportation entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Knowing where and when customers require transport services will help shape a system that is based, above all, on the needs of customers –

Besides being able to help maximize data input and analysis of public transportation users in Indonesia and as a basis for making strategic decisions in the public transportation sector in Indonesia.

Big Data and Analysis can also help further analyze to be able to improve the experience from the security side to the comfort of users of public transportation services in Indonesia, some of the uses of big data analysis include:

1. Ideal Location Decision

The results of the analysis of big data can be used to determine the strategic location of the station, the station location must have easy access to users and potential users of public transportation.

This needs to be taken into consideration because having a station location that is easily accessible to users increases the sense of comfort and the possibility of new users turning from private vehicles to public transportation.

2. Security

The results of big data analysis can also be used to provide extra security at station locations that have a high potential for crime.

Mitigating security will increase the sense of security and comfort for users of public transportation while reducing the potential for crime.

3. Customer Flow Management

By having the results of big data analysis on the number of public transportation users in Indonesia specifically, this data can be used as a reference for maximizing fleet usage during peak hours.

In addition to improving the experience of public transportation users in Indonesia, this data can also be used by stakeholders and transportation entrepreneurs in controlling supplies that are by market conditions.

4. Fraud Prevention

The possibility of fraud is inevitable in all lines of modern life, including the public transportation sector, and by using big data analysis we can avoid a greater possibility of fraud.

5. Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance must be carried out so that the quality of the services or goods that we have is maintained in the best condition, including in the public transportation sector.

By using data from big data analysis, we can record and analyze maintenance needs systematically so that the quality of public transport sector services in Indonesia is in the best condition.

There are still many parties who doubt the effectiveness of big data analysis because there are still many assumptions that big data will eliminate the role of humans in everyday life.

But in reality, big data analysis only acts as a tool that makes it easier for humans to collect data and basic analysis on a problem we are facing. The final decision of a problem is still under the control of humans as decision-makers.

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