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Thank you for visiting us. Mayanesia, is a media company of the positive vibes community based in Jakarta, with the vision of empowering the Indonesian positive vibes community. We have been in  business since 2020 and have worked with various clients across the country. Our goal is to provide branding and marketing solutions that provide our customers with a great experience.

This is our story and we put our customer first !

Content Marketing & Partnership


Hard-selling sponsored articles that use community journalism standards to promote brands, products, or services.


A sponsored article in the soft sell section with community journalism standards to inform viewers in an elegant way. 

Kilas Balik  

Sponsored Articles As the highest level of product, we create a targeted content experience for brands to connect seamlessly with their viewers.



Bring the attention to the audience with our banner ads inventory on mobile and desktop website view.

Social Media

Create and amplify your stories through our social networking accounts though Instagram @mayanesiadotcom & @littletokyoid

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